Weed Out Hate


Color of Change


Indoor Recess Virtual Pitch Competition


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When hate crimes occur on campus, colleges are slow to punish perpetrators and swift to crackdown on protests.
Get admin to strengthen and clarify anti-harassment policy regarding the use of abusive, threatening, or harassing speech AND implement policy that protects student-led protests from administrative retaliation.


We knew we needed the help of both admin and students in order to create meaningful change.


Through our research we found that although both parties acknowledge that racial harassment is an issue, they don't take action because they're either underprepared or uncomfortable discussing racial inequality on campus. 


It's scary to voice your opinion about "controversial" or racist issues. ​And for admin especially, they fear legal backlash and damage to their school's reputation if they misstep.


But it's even scarier when you say nothing at all because hate grows in silence. 


Give admin the action plan they need to respond effectively and show students why we need their voices to enact change.  


Weed Out Hate: Hate is powerful, but human will is stronger. By using our voices, our actions, and our awareness – we can get closer to uprooting it. 


The campaign launches at Georgia Tech.

The statues of Rosa Parks are covered in wild ivy, symbolizing the overarching message, "If you let it, hate will grow".


Print ads highlight quotes from well-known activists.

Using ink technology the quote is gradually covered by growing weeds, illustrating how hate grows with every second of silence. 


Print ads are converted for social.

Strategist. Me & Shaheen Currimjee
Art Director. Jennie Wang & Rebecca Lu
Copywriter. Enrike Grageda & Rocio Santiago Montes


All campaign assets lead to our website. 

Students have access to educational resources and the option to act by signing a petition or writing an open letter to their institution. 

Admin are prompted to take a pledge promising to abide by an action plan outlined by Color of Change.


By signing this pledge, they enter their institution into an alliance with other colleges that also stand against hate speech and hate crime. 

Signatories also get access to specialized tools, resources, and guidance for handling future hate crime incidents.