A House Isn't Always a Home 

International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

VCU Camp ADventure Summer Competition


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Each year, millions of children go missing and even more report histories of sexual abuse. The International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) is on a mission to make the world safer by ending child abduction and exploitation. 
Create a 5-year multi-channel marketing proposal for ICMEC to gain and cultivate donors. 


We found that not only do Millennial and Gen X women support children and youth causes at the highest rates, but they also have the financial means to do so with women projected to hold two-thirds of the nation's wealth by 2030. 


We were shocked to find that 90% of the time, children are abused by someone they know, trust and love, and that most incidents involve at least one parent. In other words...


Child exploitation is happening closer than we think, in the places and by the people we least expect. 


Educate people on the reality of child exploitation and show them that if we continue to ignore it, we become part of the problem.


A House Isn't Always a Home: Illustrate the uncomfortable reality of child exploitation so that people feel compelled to get involved and donate. 

Case study

OOH Print

The people that are supposed to make us feel safe can be the most dangerous. 

Placed along our audience's daily commute, OOH print raises awareness about the reality of at-home child exploitation. 

Facebook fundraiser

$350,000 for 35,000 children that go missing in February alone. 

As a partner of ICMEC, Facebook hosts a birthday fundraiser to increase our reach and donations. 

PSA film

Facebook's post also launches our PSA film unmasking what happens behind closed doors. 

Wild postings

Wild postings shock people with the truth about child exploitation in major cities. 


ICMEC's social media pages offer safety tips, shareable statistics, and ways to get involved.

We partnered with well-known survivors to share their stories and maximize our reach.

OOH Signs

OOH signs are place in common "family friendly" areas of smaller, more rural places such as Montana, New Hampshire, and Minnesota.


In addition to a more personalized donation experience, petitions and volunteer opportunities give supporters the ability to help in other ways.


Our Mmuseum exhibition displays common objects found in the "homes" of exploited children.

Mmuseumm is a New York City museum dedicated to eye opening object journalism. 

Past exhibitions include "Personal Items of Immigrants" and "Objects Made by Prisoners".

5K Event

The first annual ICMEC Hometown 5K is held on National Kid's Day – August 7th, 2022.

5 cities – Miami, Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, and Houston – compete to raise the most money.

The event is live-streamed on Facebook, allowing people to root for their hometowns and make virtual donations.

My Role. Strategist
Art Director. Hira Ali, Shinyoung Hailey Noh, & Anna Vancheri
Copywriter. Madison Getgood
Producer. Rodrigo De La Maza 
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