Perfect Imperfections



The One Club for Creativity Strategic Workshop


1st Place​ 

*Spec work

Kodak made a name for itself as a pioneer in film and photography. But in a digital world ruled by technology, it’s easy to think that Kodak and film are things of the past.


Create a campaign that helps Kodak rediscover its identity and lean into its strength in film.


Young Perfectionists – Gen Z and Millennials who feel an immense amount of pressure to be perfect and spend exhaustive efforts to appear that way.


When you focus too much on being perfect, you lose sight of the imperfections that make life beautiful.


Kodak – Here to capture life's imperfections.


Perfect Imperfection: Embrace life’s imperfections by using film, a medium where even the tiniest detail has a massive effect on the result. And even when it doesn’t come out "perfect", that’s precisely what makes it so special.

Creative Brief Presentation

My Role. Lead Strategist
Team. Anna Maria Araujo, Sydney Crockett, Hannah Hugeback, Jordan McIninch